Kernice M. Landry

The son of a Cajun French Speaking sugar cane farmer, I was born and raised in St. Martinville, Louisiana.

I anxiously joined the U.S. Marine Corps on September 3rd 1947, and took recruit training at Parris Island S.C. in Platoon 96 1st Battalion. Upon completion of boot camp, I was transferred to Cherry Point North Carolina. From there I was temporarily placed in Marine Air Casualty Squadron 11 until later when I was transferred to Aircraft Engineer Squadron 46, and was placed in the Communications Center for MCAS Cherry Point.

I attended a one month Typing and Message Center Procedures and went to work as a Teletype Operator. I stayed in this field until 1951 when I was transferred to First Marine Air Wing in K-1 Pusan Korea. Returning to the states in 1952, I was then transferred to the 2nd Marine Division HqCo. 11 months later I was once again transferred to Airfmflant in Norfolk Virginia, and worked in the Cinclant Crypto Center (Nato). In 1954 I got orders for Korea (second tour) and reported to 1st Marine Air Wing.

Upon return to the states in 1956, I reported to MCAS Cherry Point. After 8 months I was transferred to HQ. Marine Corps Henderson Hall, Wash. D.C. Worked at Naval Radio Station

In 1961, away I went to Okinawa with the FMFPAC WestPac. Upon returning to the states I was transferred back to MCAS Cherry Point N.C.

In 1964 it was back to Okinawa where I was placed in the 3rd Force Service Regiment. Several months later I was TAD to 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade until my return to the states at which time I was transferred to Parris Island S.C. Base Communications.

While stationed in Cherry Pt. North Carolina 1963, participated in the Eastern Division Rifle Matches at Camp Lejeune. I won the 4th Gold Medal. Also participated in fast pitch softball tournaments in the All Marine Championship, All Atlantic Fleet Tournaments several times.

In the later part of 1966, I attended Communications Chiefs School in MCRD San Diego California. Upon completion of school, I transferred to the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune North Carolina. I stayed there until my retirement in September 1969 with 22 years and was a Master Sergeant.

Since retirement I've been activaly participating in High-Power rifle tournaments and travel to various shooting matches. I've won the West Virginia State, Tennessee State, and Louisiana State twice. I also won the Texas Doubles Bowling Championships in 1995. Credited with one 300 game and numerous 700 series.

I worked for Texaco Inc. crude oil refinery located in Port Arthur Texas for 17 years and retired in 1990. Seems work was getting in the way of my hobbies. :)

Pic of Me The picture on the left was taken in 1948, 6 months after boot camp.  I was 17 yrs old and still gung ho.

The picture on the right was taken 22 yrs later, (1970) shortly after retirement. With me is my wife, Patricia.

Shooter and Wife

The picture below was taken in 1959, where I received the "General Campbell" Trophy for the High Rifle Score of the year at Henderson Hall, HQMC.


Gold Medal The gold medal was presented by General Mangrum in the Eastern Division Rifle Matches of 1963. Although this photo shows a pistol, this presentation was also for Rifle Match award winners. Out of approximately 350 shooters, I was the 4th Gold Medal Winner.

For complete list of all the winners in this competition click HERE.


This picture was taken in 1953 while playing softball with the Aircraft Fleet Marine Force Atlantic Norfolk Va.

I was picked up by the 2nd Marine Air Wing Softball Team to compete in the Atlantic Fleet Tournament in New London Conn. That year I enjoyed a record of 32 wins and 4 losses as a pitcher.

Military Badges & Ribbons

Bronze Medals Silver Medals

Gold Medals

Not Bad for an Old Man
The Whistler Trophy

Coached 2 juniors,who

won the Nationals 22 rifle

Coached 2 Juniors who won National Championship (Smallbore)

1995 Texas State
Bowling Championship
Accomplished this at age 65 in 1995

WMA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. September 5th, 2006 Commandant General Hagee.

Pat and Gen. Hagee   Shooter and Gen. Hagee

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