* Jokes For Today *

I feel your pain

I hate it when that happens

The Monk Experience

Farmer Neighbor

Kids Way Of Thinking

The Ventriloquist

The Bank

Korean War

Birth Control

Financial Problem

Fire Fighters

Cheaper Than Gas

Jose And Carlos

Getting An Education

The Big Scare

State Employee


Three Kick Rule

Bubba The Mortician

A Hole Behind

No Sex

Cajun Poker

Talking Dog

Cajun Fishermen

Kids In Church

Robot Lie Detector

Joker Shot

Boudreaux and the Donkey

Texas Happy Hour

While The Cats Away

Church Jokes

Bragging Boys

Poor Boudreaux

Bridge Shadows

Little Johnny

Retirees Thoughts

Wal-Mart Greeter

Paddy Murphy


The Crab Man


Rocky Trick Or Treat

A visit to the Doctor

The HoneyMoon is Over

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