2007 High Power Rifle
Regional Championship Match
March 23 - 25
Sponsored by the Golden Triangle Gun Club
Contact: WHaley5662@aol.com
Walter Haley 3021 Boyd Ave. Groves, Texas 77619

High Power Division
Sponsor: Golden Triangle Gun Club Registered with the NRA
Location: Golden Triangle Gun Club - Erie Street, Beaumont Texas
Rules: Current NRA High Power Rifle rules will govern.

Entries: Entries will be made using the registration card and accompanied by a check or money order.
Entries without payment will be considered standby entries and will not be pre-squadded. Circle the number of the events you wish to fire in. Include your NRA classification and NEW number.

Entries Close: Entry must be received by Mar 12. Late entries will include a $10 late fee. Entry is limited to 60 competitors (4 relays).

Printable Entry Form - Click Here

Fees: IT team is $15.00 per team, 4-man is $40.00 per team DO NOT prepay these !!!
Individual matches (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) $35.00
Juniors will be 1/2 or $17.50
NOTE: $9.00 of the entry is for the NRA fee.

Excellence in Competition (LEG) $15.00 for everyone.
NOTE: $10.00 of the entry is the CMP fee.

Time of Firing: 0730 hrs. on Friday & Sat., 0800 on Sun., pits close 15 minutes prior. Souvenir pins will be given to each competitor.
Squadding: Individual matches will be squadded prior to the match. NRA membership and classification may be required before issuance of squadding. The LEG match will be squadded on the firing line at 0730 hr.
Classification: NRA classification will be used in all matches. Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master class. Assigned and temporary classification may be used.
Pit Service: Provided by the competitors.
Challenges: $2.00 will be charged for lost challenges. Scores may be challenged only prior to awards.
Rifles: NRA match - Rule 3.3; or service rifle -Rule 3.1,.3.1.1, or 3.1.2. NO 7.62 x 39 cal,
Sights: Metallic only - Rule 3.7a
Targets: 200 yd - SR, 300 yd - SR-3, 600 yd - MR-1
Ammunition: Furnished by competitor, no tracers or AP.
Coaching: NONE allowed during the firing of individual matches.
Sighting Shots: 2 per MATCH - fired and scored In the individual and team matches. None in the LEG match.

Course of Fire:

March 23th. - firing begins at 0730 AM
Match 10 - 3-man Infantry Trophy Team, 192 rounds per team, 600, 500, 300, 200 yard targets each with 50 second exposure. 2 sighters at 600 yards.
Match 9 - 4-man team. NMC. 10 rnds standing, 10 rnds sitting rapid, 10 rnds prone 300, 20 rnds 600 yds prone.

March 24th. - firing begins at 0730 AM. Match 1 - 2 sighting and 20 record shots - Standing, slow fire, 200 yds, SR target. Rule 5.12
Match 2 - 2 sighting and 20 record shots - sitting or kneeling, rapid fire, 200 yds, SR target. Rule 5.8 or 5.10
Match 3 - 2 sighting and 20 record shots - prone from standing, rapid fire, 300 yds, SR-3 target. Rule 5.6
Match 4 - 2 sighting and 20 record shots - prone, slow fire, 600 yds, MR-1 target. Rule 5.6
Match 5 Slow fire aggregate (Match 1 and 4).
Match 6 Rapid fire aggregate (Match 2 and 3).
Match 7 Regional Championship (Match 1, 2, 3, 4)

March 25th. firing begins at 0800 AM.
Match 8 - CMP Service Rifle Match (LEG) - 50 shot National match course - NO sighting shots.

Printable Entry Form - Click Here

CMP Liability release forms must be notarized prior to the match.

Special Awards Categories will be presented to the High Senior, Woman and Junior in Match 7. Indicate on the entry card if special awards apply.

Regional Championship Award Medals will be presented to the first, second and third place winners of Match 7.

Awards Categories separated into Service and Match rifle. Competitors winning a place award will not receive a class award in the same match. Number of awards is determined by the number in the class as follows: 3-5=1 award, >8=2 awards, >11=3 awards.

Classes will be combined upward as required. High Master class will not be combined - if less than 4, they fire for the open awards only. The NRA will present the winners of each class with Camp Perry credits. NRA Camp Perry credits will be presented to eligible class winners.

Award Schedule:

Match 1, 2, 3, 4 Winner - 15 pts 1st in class - 8 pts 2nd in class - 6 pts 3rd / below - 4 pts
Match 5, 6 Winner - 15 pts
Match 7 Winner - 20 pts 1st in class - 10 pts 2nd in class - 8 pts 3rd in class - 6 pts
Match 9 - 25% of the entry will go to the first team, 15% to the second and 10% to the third place team.
Match 10 - 30% of the entry will go to the first team, 20% to the second and 10% to the third place team.

Awards for the CMP Service Rifle Match will be determined and awarded by the CMP (Corporation) pending the final review of the match results. Awards will be sent directly to the winning competitors and award points established based on the number of eligible NON-Distinguished competitors firing.

Motel Accomodations All motels are located within 5 miles of Rifle Range:

  • (1) Best Western Jefferson Inn 1610 I-10 South 409-842-0037
  • (2) Comfort Inn 1590 I-10 South 409-840-2099
  • (3) Hampton Inn 1-10 South 409-840-9922
  • (4) Motel 6 1155 I-10 South 409-835-5913


From Louisiana:
Take I-10 West to Beaumont. Exit on Hwy 69 towards Port Arthur (approx 3 miles)- exit Erie Street turn right on Erie. Rifle range gate approx 2 miles on Erie.
From Houston:
Take I-10 East to Beaumont. Exit on Hwy 69 towards Port Arthur (approx 3 miles)- exit Erie Street turn right on Erie. Rifle range gate approx 2 miles on Erie.

See Mapquest if you need a printable map.